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#BigDataSV CrowdChat: Follow the Money

jeffkdatanycWe had an excellent CrowdChat today hosted by @jeffreyfkelly, sponsored by EMC Corporation. It was a preview to our event next week in San Jose that coincides with Strataconf, Hadoopworld and #BigDataWeek.

@furrier won the CrowdCaptain award with his setup question on his VC panel next week. He simply asked “what questions should I ask Ping Li Accel, Frank Artale Ingition, and Jonathan Heiliger Vertex?” The thread captured 64 votes.

There was also some interesting discussion around the following:

    • @zanilli (Jorge Lopez) asked: A 2014 Wikibon report found 62% of #Hadoop practitioners are offloading data transformations from data warehouse and mainframe into Hadoop – Will this trend continue/accelerate in 2015?


  • What’s happening next week Strataconf, HadoopWorld and #BigDataWeek?
  • Jeff Kelly asked the crowd “What to do with all the data in the Data Lake?”
  • What about IoT and existing software players?
  • What about the intersection of cloud and Big Data?

In this regard, @lonnej (Lonne Jaffe) – one of the key drivers we’re seeing for adoption of our AWS based Hadoop product is that a lot of data is being *generated* in the cloud, and people don’t want to have to move it on premise to do processing and analytics…


    • @BigDataRyan (Ryan Peterson) asked the crowd, Do you believe HDFS will follow the same historical trend of NFS, SMB, and other protocols that were ratified as standard protocols? Will we see more and more legacy storage vendors enabling HDFS as an interface against their storage systems?


The was also discussion about in-memory analytics, data governance, security and much more.

Check out the transcript from the CrowdChat…

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