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TheCUBE’s AnalystANGLE videos dive into the world of technology through the expert lens of TheCUBE Research analysts. We provide comprehensive breakdowns of the latest technology events, as well as bring you in-depth interviews that highlight key takeaways, innovations and the future of tech as seen through the eyes of seasoned industry experts. Stay ahead of the curve with our insightful industry analysis. Whether it’s emerging trends, market shifts or predictive outlooks, our content is designed to keep you informed and prepared.

Get up close and personal with industry experts, as our interviews provide unique perspectives, expert opinions and thought-provoking discussions that are not just informative, but also inspiring.


HPE and NVIDIA Rock the Sphere

Discover how HPE is revolutionizing AI and sustainability at HPE Discover 2024. Learn about HPE Private Cloud AI, Nvidia AI Computing by HPE, advanced networking solutions following the Juniper acquisition, and innovative sustainability practices. Explore HPE’s holistic approach to AI deployment and its commitment to reducing environmental impact through cutting-edge liquid cooling technologies. Find out how HPE is shaping the future of AI and sustainable IT.

Dell Focuses on AI Factories: Highlights the Importance of Networking

Dell Technology World 2024 took place at the Venetian Expo Center last week, just a stone’s throw from the Sphere, celebrating 40 years in business. As has been the theme of tech events this spring, Dell also focused on AI and, more specifically, the Dell AI Factory. As Michael Dell explained, the stated goal of these AI factories is to bring AI to the data and leverage these factories to convert data to intelligence for a business. Jensen Huang of NVIDIA highlighted this significance by stating, “For the very first time in history, we now have the ability to manufacture intelligence”. To accelerate the building of these AI factories, Dell and its partner ecosystem will provide all the infrastructure and services required to build these on-premises environments. This includes high-performance servers, GPUs, networking, storage, and even AI-enabled PCs. To optimize these AI factories, Dell made many new product announcements including

What about Data?

Exploring the crucial role of data in business operations and the challenges organizations face in managing and safeguarding it.

Red Hat Summit and AnsibleFest 2024: AI’s Linux Moment

The 2024 Red Hat Summit and AnsibleFest in Denver highlighted the pivotal role of open-source AI in accelerating organizational transformation and innovation. The event emphasized the transformative potential of open-source AI infrastructure, showcasing significant announcements, one being the open sourcing of IBM’s Granite Models. Red Hat’s commitment to an open partnership model was evident, aiming to democratize AI through collaborations that tailor solutions to customer needs. Other key announcements included the RHEL Image Mode and RHEL AI, which focused on enhancing the deployment and management of AI applications across hybrid cloud environments. The event also marked the launch of InstructLab, a community-driven project for creating synthetic data and fine-tunig large language models (LLMs) in an open-source framework. Additionally, OpenShift AI’s evolution was showcased with new capabilities for model deployment and management, focusing on enhanced developer productivity and operational efficiency at scale. Overall, the event underlined the critical role of community and open-source frameworks in advancing AI technologies and strategies for future developments.

Riverbed Ramps Up Innovation: Launches AI-Powered Platform and Much More

In case you missed it this week, Riverbed had a significant technology and innovation launch, rolling out a new platform along with several new or enhanced solutions designed to optimize experiences and drive operational efficiencies. In this launch, Riverbed unveiled its AI-powered, open observability platform, supported by a new unified agent, data store, and topology viewer. If that wasn’t enough innovation, the launch also included several other new solutions including Riverbed Aternity Mobile, Riverbed NPM+, Riverbed IQ 2.0, and an enhanced Riverbed NetProfiler. My first take on this launch is one of a company level. Riverbed has been in business for a couple of decades and has always remained focused on delivering high-fidelity data across the networking and application domains. However, over time those technologies were separated. Now that both those technologies are together again, it is great to see the integration and innovation accelerating to deliver even more value

IBM + HashiCorp + Red Hat: It’s about the Cloud Operating Model

IBM’s acquisition of HashiCorp presents a pivotal moment for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. With a focus on aligning missions and accelerating growth, IBM intends to operate HashiCorp independently, akin to the Red Hat model. Synergies in product offerings, particularly Terraform and Vault, promise enhanced cloud operations. Financially, increased investment in R&D and cloud-hosted solutions is anticipated, leveraging IBM’s extensive customer base. Licensing discussions hint at potential adjustments, reflecting industry trends. Amidst integration challenges, preserving HashiCorp’s culture remains paramount. With implications for the cloud operating model landscape, including OpenShift versus VMware, the acquisition signifies a transformative phase for cloud infrastructure providers.

Zoom News and Announcements from Enterprise Connect

On this episode of our AnalystANGLE series, I explored Zoom’s announcements out of Enterprise Connect, held a couple of weeks ago in Orlando. Zoom announced many new features to its AI-powered collaboration platform, Zoom Workplace. Zoom Workplace brings the entire Zoom ecosystem under one roof for meetings, team chat, and phone interaction and can be seamlessly integrated into existing technologies. As expected, Zoom’s AI Companion is at the core of Zoom Workplace and is included at no additional cost, which is a significant differentiator from Zoom’s competitors. With a nod to some earlier troubles on this front, Zoom made a special point to note on more that one occasion that the company does not use any customer data or third-party data to train its AI model. While AI companion was introduced in September 2023, Zoom has added new capabilities such as auto language detection capabilities to generate more valuable summaries

Kyndryl Cloudflare, Dell’s Gen AI Solutions, NVIDIA GTC, and Nile’s AI Networking Solution

We also discuss Cloudflare’s acquisition earlier this month of multicloud networking startup Nefeli Networks, Dell’s expansion of its Gen AI Solutions Portfolio in collaboration with support from NVIDIA. We covered news out of NVIDIA’s GTC event this past week, including announcements around NVIDIA NVlink and 6G research platform. And last but not least, we touched on news from Nile introducing the industry’s first AI Networking Solution with performance guarantee

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