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Cloud Native Insights

There’s a generally agreed upon sentiment in the technology industry that when adopting innovative new solutions, the tech is often the easy part. You can’t simply do things the old way with a new tool and expect to reap the full benefits. Still, it is usually the shiny new thing, the technology itself that gets highlighted. This is what led to a limited series “Cloud Native Insights”. If you ask most people what it means to be “cloud native”, you will likely hear a discussion of containerization. Docker brought containers to the mainstream and Kubernetes emerged as the orchestration solution of choice. When we have spoken to large enterprises that have gone through their journeys of digital transformation and application modernization, it it is the outcomes that matter. We’ve talked for years at Wikibon and on theCUBE that true digital transformation means that data is a key driver of your business. Agility is one of the top results that CxOs talk about – being able have internal teams develop and leverage the innovation of cloud ecosystems to respond to the ever-changing needs of the business. The 11-part series includes founders, practitioners, and thought leaders. Accompanying articles are on SiliconANGLE, the full playlist is below.

  1. Joep Piscaer, Industry Analyst TLA Tech – show introduction and industry commentary
  2. Tim Wagner, Co-Founder & CEO; Shruthi Rao, Co-Founder & CBO Vendia – Tim is the “father of serverless” (AWS Lambda), Shruthi and Tim share their new company fresh out of stealth
  3. Sasha Kipervarg, Head of Global Cloud Operations and Special Projects, and Patrick Raymond, Sr. Product Manager, Infrastructure LiveRamp – a discussion of FinOps
  4. William Janssen, CEO Delta Blue – PaaS today
  5. Dan Hubbard, CEO Laceworks – cloud native security
  6. Matt Biilmann, CEO & Co-founder AND Chris Bach, President and Co-founder Netlify – JAMstack
  7. Forrest Brazeal, Sr Manager A Cloud Guru – transitioning to cloud native including training
  8. Corey Quinn, Cloud Economist The Duckbill Group – it’s Corey
  9. Tom Preston-Werner – founder of Github discussing developer tools
  10. Eric Berg, CEO & Evan Weaver, Co-founder & CTO Fauna – cloud native database
  11. Ido Safruti, CTO PerimiterX – serverless adoption case study

Bonus, a few interviews earlier in 2020 that led to this series:

Jeremy Daly on the state of  serverless
Katie Bullard, new President of A Cloud Guru on Training and certification in multi-cloud world
TriggerMesh co-founders Mark Hinkle and Sebastien Goasguen on connecting serverless into multi-cloud
Liberty Mutual’s David Anderson with an enterprise case study of serverless
Tecton founder Mike Del Balso and VC Martin Casado on machine learning at scale
Infrastructure as Code – env0 founder Ohad Maislish + VC Ed Sim + advisor (Guy Podjarny of Snyk)
Render founder Anurag Goel + VC Steve Herrod on simplifying cloud for developers

There is intentionally a heavy dose of serverless in these interviews. It was good to hear some large enterprise stories and how the technology fits into the broader multicloud and cloud native discussions. I hope that you find these useful, feedback is always appreciated, find me on Twitter @stu.

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