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Enabling the New Cloud Computing Conversation

In 2010 at EMC World, Stu Miniman (@stu) grabbed me and asked if I would be on this new video show that he was producing – “theCUBE“. It had sort of an ESPN SportsCenter look and feel. One desk, a few chairs, and rapid-fire discussions about the highlights of the technology industry. On that day, we talked about this new “converged infrastructure” concept that evolved into the VCE Vblock. Massive vendors were partnering together in new ways, and the core silos of IT were being blurred and redefined. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest several other times.

Since then, the technology we follow has changed and the way we communicate is radically different. We build technology via communities, we deploy it to on-demand services and we consume it via powerful mobile devices. We listen to podcasts on the way to work and get our industry updates 140 characters at time. The amount of change is fantastic and frantic and chaotic and confusing. And everybody wants to know what’s coming next and how do they get there?

As I move into the next stage of my career, I’ve decided to take a much broader view of the technologies, communities and influencers. I’ve learned to love this perspective from my weekly podcast. So when Stu grabbed me again and asked if I’d contribute more directly to the Wikibon community, I was excited about the opportunity. The chance to create research and analysis about Cloud Computing | Platforms | Open Source | DevOps, and co-host segments of theCUBE, sounded like too much fun. I’ll be creating a series of content over the next few months, and bringing my experience to those communities. It’s always fun to becoming part of new communities, and the best way to participate is to actively contribute. We hope you enjoy the new content series, and feedback or suggestions will always be welcome.

Hello Wikibon and SiliconAngle communities. I’m excited to participate with you.

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