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Evolution of Flash Memory [Infographic]

Flash is a hot topic. Not Adobe Flash, which can’t be used on Apple iPods or iPads, but Flash memory that provides the storage capacity used inside those same gadgets. While Flash memory is not a new technology, disk has dominated the enterprise space for many years. Flash’s capabilities were well suited for mobile devices and thanks to increased capacities and lower prices derived from high volumes in consumer usage, flash is back in the enterprise and new emerging cloud environments. Wikibon has been closely following this technology for many years and has a large body of research that is freely available for all to read and contribute to.

Enterprise Flash Storage is not a single product or use case; rather there are a full spectrum of offerings from start-ups and industry giants. Wikibon’s CTO David Floyer provided an excellent primer on the ecosystem with his 2011 Flash Memory Summit Enterprise Roundup. Wikibon held a Peer Incite on December 13 discussing how in the future, product data will live on flash, leaving disk to be used for raw and archive data.

We are excited to present this graphic, visualizing the evolution of flash memory and how it will change the technology landscape going forward. You can also listen to the recording of the session and read the full newsletter of new articles from the open research call. The embed code for this Infographic is on the bottom of the page and if you click on the picture, you will find buttons to share on social media sites.


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