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How Big is the World of Cloud Computing? [Infographic]

As part of Wikibon’s continuing series of Infographics on Cloud Computing, this time we look at some of the differences between large enterprise and cloud data centers. We have shown you some of the world’s largest data centers – scale is one differentiator and another is the architectural implementation. In a recent photo tour of Facebook’s data center, Robert Scoble showed that a Facebook’s cloud is optimized for power, cooling and streamlined with homogeneous deployments of infrastructure. Cloud Service Providers are a hot topic – as evident by recent acquisitions of Terremark by Verizon for $1.4B and Savvis for $2.5B by CenturyLink (Qwest).

Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and others are building massive data centers that are 6-7X more cost effective at scale. With economics like this, it’s no surprise that Amazon Web Services is tracking toward $1B in revenue and the overall cloud services market is expected to reach nearly $50B by mid decade.



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