Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Stepping Stone to True Hybrid Cloud

The migration from a traditional enterprise IT infrastructure architecture with separate servers, separate traditional SAN and separate hyperscale public cloud to an integrated hyperconverged architecture including Server SAN and an integrated hybrid cloud is a profound change. Wikibon explores the premise that the migration is justified, and the optimum hybrid cloud strategy is to use the same architecture and software for both the on-premises True Private Cloud and the public cloud services. Wikibon uses the term "True Hybrid Cloud" to describe this approach.

Wikibon concludes that Senior IT executives should consider adopting an aggressive strategy for moving to a hyperconverged Server SAN environment. Previous Wikibon research found that gateways between different one-premises and service provider are expensive, and are an impediment to hybrid cloud functionality.

Wikibon recommends Senior IT executives adopt a True Hybrid Cloud strategy, and ensure where possible that the same hyperconverged Server SAN infrastructure solution can be run on premises and in the cloud, using the same hyperconverged technology and orchestration/automation software.

Research Agenda Infrastructure Transformation