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Infinidat Unveils Major Advancements in Enterprise Storage and Cybersecurity

Infinidat has announced significant enterprise storage and cybersecurity advancements by introducing its G4 platform, featuring AMD chips and new PCI and DRAM technologies. The compact 14 Rack-U configuration of the G4 allows for diverse deployment options, including edge locations and remote offices. Enhanced software capabilities in the updated InfuzeOS include automatic cyber protection and expanded InfiniSafe cyber detection for VMware environments. Infinidat’s InfiniVerse platform now offers proactive reporting, further optimizing storage management. These innovations, along with flexible pricing models and sustainability efforts, position Infinidat as a leader in meeting the evolving needs of enterprise customers.

Introducing the G4 Platform

At the core of Infinidat’s latest advancements is the new G4 platform, a ground-up redesign incorporating the latest hardware and software technologies. The G4 utilizes AMD chips, the new PCI generation, and the latest DRAM technology (DDR). This platform is available in hybrid and all-flash configurations, offering flexibility to meet diverse enterprise needs.

One of the standout features of the G4 platform is its compact form factor. The new system is available in a 14 Rack-U configuration, significantly smaller than Infinidat’s previous full-rack offerings. This smaller footprint opens up new use cases for the G4, including deployment in edge locations, smaller remote offices, and colocation facilities. Customers can choose to receive the system pre-installed in a rack or install it in their own racks, providing additional flexibility and ease of integration.

Enhanced Software Capabilities

Infinidat’s latest offerings are not just about hardware. The company’s software suite, InfuzeOS, has been updated to version 8, bringing many new features and enhancements. InfuzeOS V8 continues to provide the robust performance and reliability that Infinidat is known for, now with additional capabilities designed to improve security and ease of use.

One of the most significant software updates is the introduction of automatic cyber protection (ACP). This feature allows InfuzeOS to automatically generate immutable snapshots in response to alerts from cybersecurity systems. This real-time response capability helps reduce the threat window in the event of a cyberattack, ensuring that enterprises can quickly secure their data without manual intervention.

Infinidat has also expanded its InfiniSafe cyber detection capabilities to include VMware environments and existing support for files, databases, LUNs, file systems, and volumes. This expansion makes InfiniSafe a more comprehensive solution for detecting and mitigating cyber threats across various enterprise environments.

Cybersecurity and Cloud Integration

Cybersecurity is a major focus of Infinidat’s latest offerings. The company has integrated its InfiniSafe technology across its entire product line, including primary storage systems (G4 InfiniBox and G4 all-flash InfiniBox) and the InfiniGuard purpose-built backup appliance. InfiniSafe’s capabilities, such as immutable snapshots and logical air gapping, provide robust protection against cyber threats and help ensure data integrity and availability.

In addition to on-premises solutions, Infinidat has extended its cloud capabilities with the InfuzeOS cloud edition, which is now available on AWS and Azure. This allows customers to deploy Infinidat’s advanced storage and cybersecurity features in a hybrid multi-cloud environment, enhancing flexibility and scalability.

Innovative Pricing and Sustainability

Infinidat continues to offer innovative pricing models that provide value and flexibility to customers. The company’s cyber detection feature is billed based on the capacity scanned, allowing enterprises to tailor their cybersecurity investments to their specific needs without incurring unnecessary costs.

Sustainability is also a key consideration in Infinidat’s product design. The G4 platform’s compact form factor reduces the physical and environmental footprint of enterprise storage systems. This smaller footprint translates to lower power consumption, reduced cooling requirements, and less physical space needed in data centers. Furthermore, the company’s recycling initiatives help minimize the environmental impact of retiring older equipment.

Infiniverse Enhancements

Infinidat’s InfiniVerse platform, which collects extensive telemetry data from customer environments, has also received significant updates. The new version of InfiniVerse introduces proactive reporting capabilities, providing customers with automated insights into their storage usage and performance. This enhanced visibility helps enterprises optimize their storage resources and ensure they get the most value from their Infinidat investments.

Our Perspective

We believe Infinidat’s latest announcements reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and addressing the new use cases customers are challenged by, such as data management and AI. With the introduction of the G4 platform, enhanced cybersecurity features, and expanded cloud capabilities, Infinidat is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of enterprise customers. This represents a significant step forward for Infinidat’s product and a great direction for its customers. Building InfuzeOS as a single operating system across all Infinidat products, similar to how NetApp has produced ONTAP, gives users of Infinidat a shared experience and set of capabilities, reducing the learning curve no matter the product from Infinidat.

Infinidat’s continued focus on combining cutting-edge technology with practical, customer-focused solutions ensures it remains a leader in the enterprise storage space. As businesses continue navigating data management and security complexities, we see Infinidat’s latest innovations offer a compelling path forward for organizations looking to consolidate and modernize their data infrastructures.

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