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How a Long-Time Tech Player is Investing in Crypto

Investing in Crypto

Bradley Rotter is investing in crypto. He’s a successful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investor that started in the 2013 timeframe. Notably, he learned about the concept from a 15-year old and was intrigued. In his mind it was reminiscent of some previous trends he saw back in the day – so it made perfect sense to him. He seized the moment and has capitalized.

He stopped by theCUBE at Polycon 2018 to talk about his investment philosophy, trends in crypto and riff with us. Surprisingly, he’s a short-term bear on cryptocurrencies because of the massive tax liabilities associated with recent gains. He discusses that and other trends in the cliplist below. Scroll through the video clips and get to the meat of the conversation with Bradley.

He has great perspectives on the market, the ecosystems that are forming and the possible blind spots in crypto-investing. He surrounds himself with millennials because he knows they’re the smartest and most connected people when in crypto.

What’s your scenario with cryptocurrencies? Buy, Hold or Sell?

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