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Pushing Storage to the Intelligent Edge—Recap of #ClearSkyEdge Crowdchat

Intelligent storage architectures are the foundation of digital transformation. As you evolve your cloud-facing business environment toward edge-oriented applications, your storage resources should facilitate this transformation. If managed effective, your movement toward intelligent edge storage can eliminate backup licenses, management overhead, redundant infrastructure, and the need to maintain multiple copies of data.

Edge storage ensures that enterprise data is always available, is optimized for your most demanding applications, and occupies the smallest possible footprint. On Thursday June 15, experts and influencers from the storage management industry joined us for a thought-provoking CrowdChat on this topic.

Here are highlights from the discussion, arranged in the question-answer format in which participants posted their comments during the hourlong chat:

What does it mean to push storage to the intelligent edge?

What are the chief apps and benefits of moving storage to the intelligent edge?

How should you manage primary storage alongside backup and recovery at the intelligent edge?

What challenges do you face in storing, managing, and securing data at the edge across hybrid clouds?

How feasible is it to ensure rapid, no-loss data recovery as your edge network grows?


Should you move all, or only a subset, of your data storage to the intelligent edge?

What ROI metrics should you use to measure the payback of intelligent edge storage?

Check out the final full transcript of the CrowdChat here. To learn more about intelligent edge storage, ClearSky Data offers a weekly live webinar series, for which you can register here.

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