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Taming Big Data [A Big Data Infographic]

Big Data can be a beast. Data volumes are growing exponentially.The types of data being created are likewise proliferating. And the speed at which data is being created – and the need to analyze it in near real-time to derive value from it – is increasing with each passing hour.

But Big Data can be tamed. We’ve got living proof. Thanks to new approaches for processing, storing and analyzing massive volumes of multi-structured data – such as Hadoop and MPP analytic databases — enterprises of all types are uncovering new and valuable insights from Big Data everyday.

Leading the way are Web giants like Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon. Following close behind are early adopters in financial services, healthcare and media. And now it’s your turn. From marketing campaign analysis and social graph analysis to network monitoring, fraud detection and risk modeling, there’s unquestionably a Big Data use case out there with your company’s name on it.

We here at Wikibon are excited to present this compelling Big Data infographic, which we hope will help you better understand how your peers are applying Big Data today and inspire you tame the Big Data beast yourself. Check out videos, market forecasts and deep research at on our curated page about Big Data.


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