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The Transformation of HP [Infographic]

Last month, we continued our series of infographics by taking a look at the differences in large data centers as well as the current and future size of cloud computing.  While cloud computing is on what appears to be an unstoppable growth path, with Amazon’s services alone expected to grow to $2.54 billion in revenue by 2014, the outlook remains fragile. With high profile security hacks at Sony, RSA and Lockheed Martin; and Amazon’s prolonged outage, many CIOs remain reticent to push too fast on the cloud for fear of damaging company reputations and compromising customer privacy. Indeed, while the majority of IT organizations within Wikibon report moving toward the cloud, a large proportion (37%) either have no clear cloud computing strategy or still believe cloud is a meaningless buzzword.

Ahead of Discover, HP’s big customer event, we’re narrowing our focus to the Hewlett Packard Company and its continued transformation, which was pushed further almost a year ago with the acquisition of 3PAR, a prize that complemented a very active shopping spree including assets such as EDS, 3Com, Ibrix, Vertica and several others. Our emphasis here is on the management transformation and the complete makeover of HP’s ESSN business, led by Dave Donatelli, a former EMC exec. As well we’ll look at HP’s competitive posture in multiple market segments. Key issues remain details behind Leo Apotheker’s makeover of HP, it’s need to develop a greater contribution from software, how to leverage its services business, the blueprint to compete in storage and how to play in so-called emerging Big Data markets.

The next stop on The CUBE’s Summer Tour ’11 is HP Discover in Las Vegas.  While doing our preparatory research, we thought it would be useful for the community to have this infographic to help understand HP’s past, present, and future.  In a recent HP Discover warm-up interview, HP’s vice president of StorageWorks Tom Joyce told us to expect HP to “take the covers off the strategy and describe how everything we’re doing in storage is designed to drive and converge infrastructure.”  Get yourself ready for the big event by viewing the infographic below and be sure to stay tuned to (broadcasting live June 6-9) and for more news from HP Discover.


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