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theCUBE | AWS Summit London 2019

theCUBE covered the AWS London Summit 2019 in early May. This one-day event attracted 12,000 AWS customers, partners, practitioners and companies within the AWS ecosystem. Summits are like mini re:Invent conferences with a heavy emphasis on AWS features, innovations, customer stories and the benefits of cloud computing. We interviewed a number of AWS execs, customers, partners, startups and pundits to extract the signal from the noise. Here are the highlights from the event. Click on the thumbnail to see the top comments in clip form or watch the entire video segment. As always we welcome your feedback and thank you for watching theCUBE.

SiliconANGLE co-founder Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and business reporter Susannah Streeter (@StreeterNews) co-hosted the Summit. In this segment they provided their main takeaways from the opening keynote and discussed the major trends in cloud, including the business of AWS, AI, machine learning, privacy and public sector modernization. As well you’ll find the clipped highlights of several interviews conducted at the event:

VP Analyst John-David Lovelock of Gartner (@jloveloc) sits down with @dvellante to provide his analysis on the future of the global cloud industry and market trends:







@StreeterNews and @dvellante hear from Iain Mobberley, Platform & Hybrid IT at Computacenter and Garth Fort, Director at AWS Marketplace about the importance of maintaining focus on customer experience the rapid evolution of AWS marketplace:

@dvellante speaks with Mark Cranney, COO at SignalFx (@mdcranney) and Chris Bunch, GM EMEA at Cloudreach (@cloudychrisb) about the new SignalFx and Cloudreach relationship. The conversation was centered around adoption of the cloud and efficient digital transformation:







@dvellante and Dominic Deacon, Sales Director, Cloud Services & Alliances EMEA at @CenturyLink discuss changes in operating models after cloud migration and CenturyLink’s mission for its customers:

@dvellante has special guest Teresa Carlson, Vice President Worldwide Public Sector at AWS (@teresacarlson) co-host theCUBE in a unique segment to learn how the students of Townley Grammar School are using AWS in the classroom:







@StreeterNews and @dvellante have a conversation with Johnny Hugill, Research Manager at PUBLIC (@Johnny_Hugill) and Max Peterson, VP International Public Sector at AWS (@maxrpetersonii) about govtech public sector innovation, startup growth and the influence of the UK market for AWS:

@StreeterNews and @dvellante sit down with Chandini Jain, Founder of Auquan (@tradewithauquan) and Huub Heijnen, Co-founder & CTO of Scape Technologies (@hulahuub) to discuss how ‘cloud-native’ startups are utilizing AWS to optimize operations:

Prashanth Chandrasekar, senior SVP & GM at Rackspace (@pchandrasekar) talks about the next generation of cloud services, what are they are and how he is communicating these changes to customers:

@StreeterNews and @dvellante discuss how AI/machine learning algorithms are revolutionizing the way companies conduct business and reach consumers with Richard Potter, CEO of Peak (@rickypeak) and Tom Summerfield, Head of Commerce at Footasylum (@mr_tomster):







@StreeterNews and @dvellanteBill speak with Bill Mew, CEO of Crisis Team (@BillMew) on the balance between protecting people’s privacy while still maximizing innovation. And the many regulations around the public cloud:

Kim Myhre, Managing Director at MCI Experience (@kimmyhre) shares his professional brand insight with @dvellante and discusses how companies should use data to cater towards their customers brand experience:

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