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Time to Create a Hypervisor Strategy

While VMware is still dominant in the x86 server virtualization market, there are clear signs that the hypervisor is being commoditized and that competing solutions are closing the functionality gap. Over half of respondents to Wikibon’s survey last year were running multiple hypervisors. Wikibon is digging deeper into customer adoption including both multi-hypervisor environments and what is driving customers to specific solutions.




Share with your peers and as always, Wikibon will be sharing the results freely (see related material Everyone who takes the survey will also be eligible to win an iPad mini. Wikibon will provide guidance on the following:

  • Does your company have a long-term strategy around hypervisor deployment?
  • Which hypervisor for which applications?
  • Should your cloud strategy impact your hypervisor decision?


Below is a recent SiliconAngle Breaking Analysis video where I discuss the commoditization and competition in the hypervisor market.

Feel free to comment with any questions or tips that you have for your peers. Our goal is to publish content before VMworld at the end of the month.

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