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Wikibon Research Agenda Through 1Q2018

Upcoming Wikibon Research Through 1Q2018

Peter Burris, Chief Research Officer, Wikibon and SiliconANGLE

Wikibon helps enterprises traverse digital business transformations. Using the most extensive portfolio of thought leadership interviews in the research business (via theCUBE), Wikibon helps clients deploy and manage essential digital business capabilities.

During 4Q2017 and 1Q2018, we plan to deliver the following research (all titles are tentative):

Managing Digital Business Transformation

  • What Is the Real Value of Data?
  • What Is a Data Asset and How Should You Manage It?
  • Which “Chief” Will Run Digital Capabilities?
  • The Evolving Digital Business Platform
  • The Impact of GDPR on Global Digital Business

Cloud and Infrastructure

  • 2018 True Private Cloud Forecast & Market Shares
  • Predictions 2018: Future System Architectures
  • CIO guide to AI services from public cloud vendors for building enterprise applications
  • Architecting Data Zones for Complex, Distributed Applications
  • UniGrid: The Future of Integrating Operational and Analytical Applications on the Same System
  • Data Services and Emerging System Architectures
  • 2018 Strategies of Leading Cloud Vendors

Big Data and AI

  • 2018 Big Data Forecast and Market Dynamics
  • 2018 Big Data Global Market Shares and Vendor Positions
  • Predictions 2018: Big Data Infrastructure and Operations
  • Evaluating Alternative Deep Learning Chipset Architectures: GPUs, CPUs, TPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, Etc
  • Generative Adversarial Networks: The Most Disruptive New AI Algorithms
  • Ensuring Algorithmic Accountability in the AI-Driven Economy

Internet of Things and People (IoT&P)

  • IoT Market Overview: Technologies, Tribulations and Trends
  • Predictions 2018: Analytics at the Edge
  • Applying Edge Thinking to Mobile Applications (And Vice Versa)
  • Reinforcement Learning: Building AI for the New Era of Robotics
  • Developing Intelligent Tiered-Edge Applications
  • IoT Joint development and IP protection
  • Approaches to Digital Twins as the new distributed computing


  • Predictions 2018: Application Development, Data Science, and Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning Drives Low-Code Auto-Programming
  • Automated Machine Learning: Accelerating the App-Dev Pipeline
  • Assessing the JavaScript Frameworks: Node.js, React, Angular, Etc.
  • The relationship between digital business and ITOps V2
  • Orchestrate increasingly complex machine learning pipelines

New Business Applications

  • Creating Business Value with Robot Process Automation
  • Sourcing strategic industry-specific ML applications
  • Adding ML apps to an enterprise application portfolio
  • Systems of Agency: Engineering Systems That Act On Our Behalf

As always, we welcome any questions you may have or input on these topics.

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