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The SecurityANGLE

with Shelly Kramer

About the podcast

Unlock cybersecurity insights with The SecurityANGLE podcast — a deep dive into the latest digital defense trends with Shelly Kramer.

Each episode brings you the latest and most relevant news, along with insightful discussions on various aspects of cybersecurity. From exploring cutting-edge security management strategies to delving into the newest technologies, we’ve got it all covered. Our series isn’t just about keeping you informed; it’s a platform to explore what major vendors are doing in the cybersecurity landscape and how their solutions are shaping the industry.

We’re committed to bringing a rich variety of topics to the table each week. Plus, don’t miss out on our special episodes featuring guests who are experts in their fields.


SMBs and Cyber Risk Management: How to Up the Cyber Protection Game

In this episode of the SecurityANGLE, I’m joined by Jo Peterson, a fellow analyst, engineer, and member of the CUBE Community. Our guest today is Bob Carver, a well-known cybersecurity expert with deep expertise in cyber risk management, policy, threat intelligence, analytics, and more. Our conversation revolved around SMBs and cyber risk management and how SMBs can up their respective games when working to mitigate risk, develop cybersecurity policies, and train their teams to embrace a security-focused culture. Before we dive in, here are some cybersecurity stats our audience might be surprised by — and the reason we’re having a conversation about SMBs and cyber risk management: Image source: Last Pass Watch the full episode — SMBs and Cyber Risk Management: How to Up the Cyber Protection Game Our discussion with Bob explored: Find and follow us on social here: Shelly Kramer on LinkedIn | Twitter/X Jo Peterson on LinkedIn

6 Cloud Security Trends We’re Watching in 2024

In this episode of the SecurityANGLE, our series focused on all things cybersecurity, I’m joined by Jo Peterson, engineer, analyst, and member of theCUBE Collective community, to share insights on the top 6 cloud security trends we are tracking in 2024.

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