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Wikibon's 2018 Prediction's List

Big Data and ML Predictions 2018

Big data everything — technology, products, markets, applications, and especially expectations — is being reset. 2018 will be the year that big data finally is embedded into business fabrics.



Wikibon’s 2018 Data Scientist and Edge Analytics Predictions

Explosive growth in AI-enhanced capabilities will shift data science work from data scientists wrangling data and coding manual experiments to shepherding the output and results of intelligent software and likewise pushing advanced analytical work down the corporate food chain. At the same time, meg-AI initiatives like IBM Watson are finding themselves obsolete as their best AI tools are rapidly being duplicated in the open source community.


Wikibon’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Chipset Predictions

Low-cost AI chipsets will push more deeply into the mobility market in 2018. Next-generation AI-optimized chipset architectures will proliferate in the coming year, incorporating a blend of high-performance technologies, including but not limited to GPUs. The mass-adoption tipping point of edge-deployed AI will come early in the 2020s with further declines in the cost of optimized chipsets and improvements in the technology’s maturity and sophistication.


Wikibon’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Predictions

In 2018, artificial intelligence (AI) will shift toward focus on solution-oriented development environments, robust model training tools, edge-based inferencing architectures, generative applications, and optimized commodity chipsets.



Summary of Wikibon’s 2018 Predictions Webinar

One prediction in today’s tech universe is easy: digital transformation will remain near the top of 2018 corporate strategies. But what issues will shape the directions transformations take in the next few years?


Wikibon’s 2018 Data Predictions

Digital business depends on organizations’ ability to turn more data into more useful work. The principal enablers in that regard are enterprise investments in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL), and machine learning (ML).


Wikibon’s 2018 Digital Business Predictions

The transformation to digital business continues, but the target continues to move. Originally, digital business strategy was equated with e-commerce. Then, it morphed into a concern about being “Ubered.” Today, more firms recognize that digital business is focused on using data as an asset, but the adoption of process, people, and technology changes to achieve data supremacy remains slow.


Wikibon’s 2018 Developer Tooling, Services, and Practices Predictions

In 2018, application developer tooling, services, and practices will shift toward a keen focus on functional programming, automated programming, open development frameworks for artificial intelligence, DevOps for data science, and reinforcement learning for autonomous edge applications.

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