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Zscaler’s Executive Insights Mobile App: Serving Up Better Experiences

The launch of Zscaler’s Executive Insights Mobile App was announced a few weeks ago at Zscaler’s Zenith Live 2024 event, designed to provide increased visibility and greater ease of use to CXO personas like CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs and to serve up better experiences and provide deeper insights across the organization as a whole. I find that extremely compelling, especially for cybersecurity pros.

Why Zscaler’s Executive Insights Mobile App is Compelling

There was a time, long ago and far away when I closely monitored website traffic across a handful of sites our team developed and monitored. I loved the data the platform we used served up and found it tremendously beneficial. In fact, it was not at all unusual for me to be checking that data before I even got out of bed in the morning; it was that valuable. And something tells me there might be a geek or two nodding along while you’re reading this, understanding exactly what I mean when it comes to the value of having important corporate data immediately at your fingertips.  

That’s why Zscaler’s Executive Insights Mobile App is one of my new favorite things. It was designed to help users stay informed and secure by serving up real-time insights into risk scores, network usage, industry benchmarks, breaking security news, and research. For example, the head of networking could use the app to see how traffic is trending across the organization and across a wide variety of other sites, helping plan things like capacity training, or getting a glimpse of what kind of devices are seen in that environment.

CISOs might be notified that a targeted attack is targeting a specific vertical through a firewall exploit or receive alerts about a malware campaign in motion. The Zscaler Executive Insights Mobile App can not only tell a user where they are improperly configured and/or what the specific issue is, but it will also serve up recommendations to CXOs, CISOs, CIOs, and/or system admins to take corrective action.

This level of very contextual insights, targeting a variety of different personas, is exactly what senior leaders need, and the beauty and ease of having it easily accessible via a mobile app means, well, that you don’t have to get out of bed and fire up the laptop to see what’s going on across your environments. For security pros, having this information accessible in hand at a moment’s notice might provide a bit of peace of mind which, to my way of thinking, they are desperately in need of. Whether it’s improving risk postures with Zscaler’s real-time risk score or seeing how your company (and its risk score) compares to industry peer benchmarks, better insight means better control. The Executive Insights Mobile App will also help users see things like users at risk and policy violations, and also monitor the distribution of encrypted and unencrypted traffic.

Here’s a look at what the app looks like:

Zscaler Executive Insights Mobile App

Note the screen on the right-hand side above shows news which, in this instance, addresses Chrome browser fixes. The viewer can quickly and easily see the problem and note that the protection is already enabled. But they can also see that an SSL inspection is not enabled and can quickly and easily alert a system admin to remedy the issue. I can’t imagine users not being excited about this: fewer needles in the haystack to search for, and timely, actionable insights delivered in as close to real-time as possible to that omnipresent device that’s in your hand — or under your pillow.

I see Zscaler’s Executive Insights Mobile App as useful in myriad instances, yet as I reflect on the many conversations I’ve had with CIOs and CISOs, I see this as a simple, but incredibly attractive tool for them. Especially today, in the age of AI, when not only is the threat landscape rapidly expanding, threat actors are emboldened by the ease by which leveraging generative AI allows them to quickly find vulnerabilities to exploit, launch sophisticated attacks at the touch of a button, and do a wealth of dirty deeds in the quest to wreak havoc and make money in the process.

Manage risk and stay on top of threats

Most of the CISOs I know are pretty open about the stress they experience daily, and few sleep well at night as a result, always worrying about the next breach. Zscaler’s Executive Insights Mobile App could help not only bring some peace of mind but also speed threat identification and remediation efforts. I can’t find anything not to like about that.

The Zscaler Executive Insights Mobile App is available on iOS and Android.

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