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Our Analysts

George Gilbert
Senior Analyst
theCUBE Research



George Gilbert, lead data & analytics analyst for theCUBE Research. Former Gartner analyst, former lead enterprise software analyst for Credit Suisse First Boston, one of the top investment banks serving the technology sector.

Big Data analyst for Gigaom Research. Co-founded Techalphapartners, a consultancy that advised vendors and institutional investors on market development and product strategy.

George has led conference panels with prominent thought leaders in cloud infrastructure and big data. He has been profiled on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and published as a guest author in a major overview of the evolution of cloud computing in The Economist.

Prior to being an analyst, George was a product manager on Notes at Lotus Development. George received his BA in economics from Harvard University.

George also hosts the podcast ‘Road to Intelligent Data Apps


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